Estate LOS ALMARACEJOS. Merino Sheep Farm.

The family

The owners and founders of this sheep Farm, Miguel Angel Muguiro Gonzalez de Castejón and Sweety de la Quintana, are people passionate and in love with the Dehesa Extremeña and the estate that they received as a family legacy.

The Farm

La Llave is part of the National Association of Merino Sheep since 2015.

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Shows & Fairs

You can find us at the Agroganadera of Trujillo in November and the Zafra fair in March and September (Spring and Autumn fairs).
Lately won the prize for "Best Male Cattle Merino category" in the fair XXXV FAGA'17 (FAGA Fuente Obejuna in Cordoba) Presencia en ferias

The Merino Sheep, Hidalgo´s line

It is a line of the Merino sheep, big size, with longer limbs, face and legs a little exposed and wool with fibres of medium length and very thin. They have a "darker" appearance. It is cable of a large production of milk within the possibilities of the breed.

Where can it be found?

The merino breed can be found throughout the world. In Spain is present in 75% of the territory but is mainly concentrated in the Dehesa of Extremadura and Andalucia.

How long they live?

The Merino breed has a long life and is a strong sheep against the hardness of the climate. In general it is resistant to diseases and therefore with a high longevity.

Estate Los Almaracejos

After a profound refurbishment and enhancement of the estate's facilities and, the commitment to feed the sheeps with natural pasture, currently within the Farm there are approximately 1500 "sheep mothers" who feed mainly on rainfed crops, with high protein value, and from the acorns of the oaks.

The Farm

Our Farm is divided into land plots of about 25 acres each to facilitate the day to day handling of the sheeps and ensure the best optimisation of grass and acorns. In order to enrich the soil and improve the trees, the sowing of permanent grass pastures is rotated to feed the sheeps.

Twin sheeps

With the proper care and feeding many of our sheeps give birth to twins in a high percentage. Read more about reproduction.

How much sheeps usually weight?

Currently we can estimate the weight of an adult female merino sheep to be between 40 and 70 kgs and, between 70 and 100 kgs in the case of males breed.

The merino sheep breed

It is a legacy of the history of Spain that we must preserve for future generations, a treasure that once had a strategic status under the control of the Mesta.

Safety Controls

The Commission of Admission, Qualification and Improvement establishes the conditions and periodicity of the blood tests that sheep must go though, which are mandatory for this breeder, so that its refusal could lead to the exclusion from the Farms´Register.

The Farm "La Llave"

Registered in the National Association of Merino sheep breeders , we are carrying out all the selection, genotyping and filiation processes proposed by the Association.

1500 madres

La Llave (The Key) of success


The history of LA LLAVE!

Only with the correct key the doors that the future holds can be opened.


The farm of the Hidalgo Pérez brothers, de Sena de Luna (León), had great importance in the first half of the 20th century, being the only Leonese farm that has managed to reach our days. Its origin possibly dates back to the nineteenth century. The sheep come from the old and famous sheep farm of the Duque de Fernán Núñez, who owned a large area of ​​land close to the border area between the regions of La Serena and La Siberia, with ancestral home in Siruela (Badajoz).

Probably, some ancestor of the Hidalgos was a shepherd in the house of the Duke of Fernán Núñez and this is how could have all started.. The Hidalgos farm was never very large, in the twentieth century did not exceed 3,000 sheeps, but it was very selected.


The Extremaduras' estates in which these Merino sheeps have grazed are Casas Caídas, in Puebla de Alcollarín (Badajoz) and El Hinojo, in Mérida (Badajoz). In summer they were moved to the areas of Sena de Luna (León). In the last decade of the last century, they only kept about some 700 sheeps that made the transhumance by truck to the estates owned by the Hidalgo family Sierras Blancas, Campo Lamoso and Panazal, in the municipality of Villafeliz de Babia (León).


After many years of leasing the estate and unfortunately seeing its gradual deterioration, we decided to manage directly the exploitation of the Estate with a sustainable project, viable and respectful with the environment, also contributing to the protection and breeding of native sheep breeds as is the case of pure merino sheep. We created the project, with the belief and the illusion of giving our descendants a vigorous estate and a farm with a viable future project.

After a profound refurbishment and enhancement of the Estate's facilities and the commitment to feed the sheeps by natural pastures, currently within LA LLAVE there are approximately 1500 "sheep mothers" who feed mainly on rainfed crops, with high protein value, and from the acorns of the oaks.

The future

To progress respecting tradition and origins, continue to develop to the pace of a new generation mixed with the sap of experience and maintaining the passion, illusion, determination and family spirit that are the essence of LA LLAVE.

We believe in the conservation and improvement of the nature to achieve a balance between the sustainability of the ecosystem and productivity. We believe in improving the genetics and the care of our sheep of pure Merino breed, to obtain that the sheep farm "LA LLAVE", is referent in the ovine sheep of quality.
We believe in being able to produce and transform our products.
We are committed to achieving a viable and sustainable project for the future.

Merino Sheep

Sustainable breed

Free pollution

The most widespread

Fertilize the soil



Live in open space

Ancestral origin

What we do

Sheep sales

We sell reproductive "sheep mothers"

Wool sales

A sheep can produce up to 3kgs of wool from a fiber of just 23 microns in diameter

For milk

The merino sheep has a good production of milk that is only used to breastfeed the lambs

Lamb for sales

We sell high quality meat for consumption through our Co-operative

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